Hizb posters appear in Shopian, warn women cops to resign

Hizb posters appear in Shopian, warn women cops to resign
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Shopian: Hizb ul Mujahideen posters surfaced in Shopian villages on Thursday appealing people to remove barbed fencing from orchards, warning women SPOs to resign from job and appealing ‘informers’ to refrain from informing forces about militant’s presence.

The said posters were seen in Chitragam area of the district on Wednesday evening.

“We appeal all those women who are working in police department as SPOs should resign within month’s time. We have a special list of school and college going girls who have developed illicit relationships with army and are informing them (army) about the presence of militants hence we appeal the parents of these girls to stop their daughters from such activities else they would be punished,” reads the posters.

The posters further say,” We also have a special list of people who are informing police and army about militants presence, we again want to warn them to refrain from such activities as we have proof about their involvement.”

The posters further say that army comes to the villages for census purposes and they get contacts of women. “So be vigilant about it. You should neither give them your contacts nor let them enter your houses,” posters read.

Posters also say that some days before militants appealed people to erase the barbed fences from orchards but their appeal was not responded.” We again appeal you to remove the barbed fences of your orchards immediately”.

At the bottom of the posters is a stamp of District Commander of Hizb militant outfit with photos of Hizb commander Zeenat-ul-Islam pasted on them.