Hospital wall broken for easy access to chemists

Hospital wall broken for easy access to chemists
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Locals suspect admin connivance

Srinagar: A concrete wall of a Unani hospital here at Shalteng has been broken to facilitate entry to a nearby shop. This happened under the nose of the hospital authorities, who prefer to remain silent.
In what can only be termed an act of brazen highhandedness by shopkeepers outside the 50-bed Unani Hospital at Shalteng on the outskirts of Srinagar, a wall of the premises was broken to pave an entrance for patients to make their way to the shopkeepers’ own shops.
Private medical shops constructed behind the Unani Hospital have broken the wall to create an easy way for customers to reach their shops.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a doctor at the hospital told Kashmir Reader that “It is visible and all the officers know it well that the concrete wall has been broken illegally. They can re-construct this broken wall within an hour, but the authorities remain silent. How can a private medical shop break the Hospital wall without having the support of higher authorities?”
“I have informed the Medical Superintendent of the hospital several times to look into this matter, but all goes in vain. Seems he is not interested regarding this matter. Necessary action should be taken against these highhanded persons,” an owner of a fair price shop added.
The locals smell a nexus between the Medical Superintendent and the medical shops outside the hospital.
Locals allege that the hospital’s wall has been deliberately broken by these private shopkeepers. The route through the break in the wall has now become the shortest way for customers to reach the shops and get medicines from them, as the doctors’ rooms and the Out Patients’ department (OPD) are very close.
Director, Indian System of Medicine (ISM), Neeraj Kumar told Kashmir Reader, “I have recently assumed charge of ISM. I will ensure that the broken wall of the hospital premises will be re-constructed soon.”
The 50-bedded Government Unani Hospital, Shalteng, provides basic healthcare services through the traditional system of medicine in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.