A New Beginning

A New Beginning
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One month and a half month ago, I had written my last write up for this newspaper and after that I had to postpone my writings against the wish of my readers on the advice of my well-wishers who felt and wanted me to concentrate more on upcoming JKSSB job exams( as like all Kashmiris I too felt incomplete without a Government job). So, I gave a positive nod to their advice and accepted it gladly by putting a cap over my fatigued pen for one month to face four back to back JKSSB exams within a span of one month.
My move of concentrating on studies paid off and my pre-results analysis says I won the series of four exam with 3:1 margin. I hope it remains so till results are declared and keep my fingers crossed as uncertainty always looms over these exams in the form of court stays and unforeseen delay in results for years, as it happened with KAS exam last year which cost me one valuable year. And , guess what? Already one among the four ,that is, the Naib tehsildar exam has come under the radar of fixation and court has directed the authorities to put a stay on release of results till further orders.
Now on May 13 when my exams were over, as per plan, I again wanted to shift my concentration to writing but I couldn’t do so as if some divine force was stopping me from writing and in that struggle, I ended up broking the promise with the editor of this newspaper with whom I had promised I would come with a new write up within a span of three days but unfortunately, I couldn’t do so and I ended up cursing my incapability for not writing the piece.
I desperately needed some energy and motivation that would keep me going again like I used to be one month ago when my words used to flow like a stream from my pen but unfortunately I couldn’t write anything as if my pen had been hijacked by some divine force and I badly needed some pretext for writing again for the newspaper. Then , something unusual happened. After Sehree(pre-dawn breakfast taken by Muslims during Ramadan) I , as per routine, started fiddling with my WhatsApp contacts and this time I typed my closest contact.
We had a brief chit chat about days happenings and then in that chat she wrote about her incoming debate on, “Role and responsibility of youth in Islam” and sought my assistance in preparing it so that she could win laurels and applauds in upcoming debate at the university. I couldn’t disagree and began to work on it and while working on it within half an hour I had written around five hundred words without knowing I had almost written a piece which was fit to be published in a newspaper and I felt the same happiness that I used to feel one month back when I used to jump in joy after finishing my every new piece of writing.
This writing , even though for a different purpose fulfilled my real purpose without knowing it, I was back on track And I hope this will be second session with my readers whose encouragement always keep me going in writing and more than that I thank the omen that came me in the form of five sentence message “need your help for my debate competition”. I won’t forgive this message I have already pinned this message in archives for eternity and this is the message for all readers we must be always looking for.
It reminds of a quote: Omens as they have their own language, only thing we need is hunger and motivation for doing things than whole universe from living to non-living things conspires with us in achieving these goals” . So my message to you all is to keep fighting. Life is all ups and downs and this piece will serve as prologue for my coming writing.

—The author is a Chemistry Teacher at GDC Boys, Baramulla. He can be reached at: malikjavid86@gmail.com