Tragic and Alarming!

Tragic and Alarming!
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A 21 year old young man became another casualty of the conflict in Kashmir under very alarming circumstances. While controversy has erupted over the nature and the actual circumstances of the killing, but this becomes rather arcane. The fact of the matter is, whatever and regardless of the actual logistical aspect of the killing, and if real causality is to be uncovered, the young Qaiser Amin lost his life on account of the ongoing conflict in and over Kashmir. This assertion and linking the young man’s death to the larger realities of the conflict that continues to consume lives, might sound hackneyed and clichéd. But, from both a philosophical and practical point of view, it is oftentimes the obvious that eludes us. The structuring aspect and the overarching macro reality that defines and structures the consciousness of young men like Amin is the conflict; this is the reality that they know and that becomes the dominant theme of their psychic and emotional lives. The rest, especially, how and when they express their inner psychic worlds are mere corollaries and manifestations. The fundamental aspect and reality is the macro one, that is, of the conflict that shapes and structures the emotional worlds and consciousness of young men of Kashmir. All this is or can only be portentous and rather grim given the fact that the conflict shows no signs of abating and that the reflex of powers that be is not conflict resolution but mere containment. The logical end point of conflict containment is that it freezes some dimensions of the conflict, obscures others but keeps the inner dimension of the conflict on the boil. Broken down this means that while the structural aspects of the conflict are kept frozen through containment, the politico emotional of a given conflict, generally speaking, aspects only intensify. The same applies to Kashmir. Now , if this assessment is employed as a grid to gain some perspective and analytical insight on the trajectory and form of the conflict in Kashmir, what can be gleaned? The answer is obvious and bleak. This then should focus sober minds and an approach and paradigm should be developed towards Kashmir that leads and redounds to the benefit of all including the people of the region. Again, the solution propounded here is neither arcane nor is it rocket science; it is as obvious as can be but alas is made complicated and complex by denial and refusal to understand.

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