‘Police raid Aasiya’s house’

‘Police raid Aasiya’s house’
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SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) has said that police on Sunday raided the residence of party chairperson Syeda Aasiya Andrabi.
A police team of Anantnag headed by ASP Tahir Ashraf Bhatti raided the residence of DeM chairperson and vandalised the belongings in the house, a party spokesperson Rifat Fatima said in a statement.
She said Andrabi is in detention for the past two months and at the time of raid, only one or two girls were present in the house.
The raid took place early Sunday morning, Rifat said adding that “the police team was probably looking for evidences relating to the fake case created against Aasiya Andrabi in Anantnag”.
“The police team vandalised everything in the house but Alhamdullilah they couldn’t find anything substantial. Frustrated, they took always the handwritten manuscript of the tafsir written by Dr Muhammad Qasim, his books and other wall hangings which were the calligraphy of Dr Muhammad Qasim. The apprehensions they had produced in the court about the increasing materials in the house were Alhamdulillah nullified,” the spokesperson said.
“We are thankful to Allah (SWT) that they couldn’t find anything related to the claims they had made against Baji Sahiba in the FIRs and went away dejected,” she added.
The spokesperson said they are “confident now that the police will feel that they have nothing against Aasiya Baji and everything they have levelled against Baji Sahiba are mere concoctions”.
Rifat said the Anantnag court had already bailed out Aasiya Andrabi, Nahida Nasreen and Sofi Fehmeeda in the cases lodged by police but the police challenged the bail in high court and the double bench on the basis of these “concocted” stories overturned the bails.
“It is pathetic that the double bench without any substantial evidence and on the basis of concoctions set aside the bails thus creating another blot on the Indian judiciary,” she said.