Consistency equals to Success

Consistency equals to Success
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By Fayaz Ganie

Possible- impossible is a riddle, a conundrum and a puzzle which keeps men and women engaged all throughout their lives. What is possible for some can be impossible for the rest; impossible not because it is so literally but because they hold that kind of thoughts. Once the thoughts are held like that the actions never attain the requisite capabilities to accomplish those feats. But , those who hold the thoughts that all humanly possible things are possible for them as well, their actions also match with those thoughts which result in the achievement of great feats, which for the other group are simply impossible.
What helps one group to make things possible and what handicaps are there with the others to take them as impossible is positive attitude, and thought process supplemented with the required actions in respect of the former and negative of all that in case of the latter. Required actions here mean the required consistent actions. If the actions are not consistent no great feats can be accomplished and failure is the most probable outcome when the consistency is lacking.
If people lack consistency, who fulfill all the rest of the criteria of success, and being successful, that single deficiency would result in defeat and failure in most of the cases. We can say that , howsoever, r hard a person may work for some time, whatever the amount of time and energy invested during that time and whatsoever the mental attitude and mental process but if there is no consistency there is no success.
Achieving a level and degree of consistency and becoming consistent is not easy; it is a difficult task. This is for the simple reason that the natural tendency of human mind is to take the easier course, to prefer safety over risk and to give precedence to rest than exertion. Hence, human mind likes procrastination, indolence and inactivity and to make one working a human needs to resist those natural tendencies of the mind. Instead he should make the mind to yield to the needs and requirements of a task to be accomplished.
Another feature of the human mind is that once its natural tendencies are resisted the mind starts showing less of the resisted tendencies. In place of inactivity if activity is fed to it, the mind acquires the habit of keeping the person active. Once activity is resorted to consistently it becomes a habit and habits have the due sanction and support of the mind to accomplish difficult tasks. At this stage and after acquiring habit of striving hard, and striving with consistency many otherwise impossible looking things become possible.
By consistent activity and by resisting the natural tendencies of human mind, human will become stronger and stronger with each passing instant of time. When strong human will takes the reins of a voyage the destiny can never be too far. It is the human will which makes the mind to take more good habits and these good habits in turn make the will even more stronger. At the base of the both, will and habit, lies the consistency of acts.
About human life , it can be said that every success is the first step of the road to the subsequent success that needs to be achieved in life and every destiny is the road to the next destiny. As such , good habits and strong human will which were acquired for one success help the man in all the future endeavors of life. The accomplishment of subsequent successes and destinies becomes easier thenceforth. It precisely is the reason why successful people keep gaining much more and turn all the seemingly impossible feats, to the ordinary people, as easily achievable for them.
The laggards remain laggards only. They become the slaves of natural tendencies of human mind. They faithfully follow that which is dictated by the mind and they resist not and they try not to work hard, and if they work at all there is not consistency and there is no direction. The only thing they do with great activity is they become jealous, biased and envious about the successful.
At times tirades of criticism, false propaganda and allegations are leveled against the successful. The successful are tried to be presented as undeserving of their successes without giving a sincere thought about the hard labor that the successful invest towards their endeavor. The failures consider not their own inactivity, lethargy, procrastination and lack of consistency as the reasons responsible for their own failure. Nay, they think that their share even is looted by the successful undeservingly.
All the successful people and high achievers hold consistency in highest regard. Because, it is the first point which leads them to whatever goals and destinies they have in minds. The journey of man to the moon and outside space is result of consistency in human efforts towards that end. All the research and scientific achievements along with the technological modernity are the outcomes of consistency in the invested hard labor. All the great achievements in the field of sports are due to consistency of the sports persons.
There are examples of great many people who were ordinary, who failed again and again and it seemed at one point in their life and careers that they have fallen below the level of ordinary but they consistently tried to improve, to work harder with every failure. Consistent hard work never fails was proved true in their cases. They were raised from the level zero to the zeniths and horizons of successes in their field. They became path breakers and path makers in their fields. They became role models and their words turned into gospel truths which people started emulating. They became national and international heroes.
One time they were like any other ordinary person but today they are beyond, much beyond our reach. They are followed even after they cease to exist on this earth. Out of an ordinary clerk arose the Einstein of Physics who we all know, and out of an ordinary teacher sprang out the great Newton. Consistency played a great role in both the cases. In case of Einstein, the periods of depression during the First World War, and while facing the family issues, didn’t break his consistency and the will to prove himself to the world, and he proved that eventually.
Lack of consistency is everybody’s problem initially and for some it is so for all times. They fail to break the resistance of mind or when they break that, they fail to build consistency in their habits. They fail to repeatedly do those things which could lead them to victory. Surprisingly, at times they do more work than the successful, they know more than the successful but they fail to do one thing that is they fail to be consistent, in working or in applying what they know. The laggard may say that it is injustice and the successful does not deserve the success but the real thing to blame is the lack of consistency.
There is no denying the fact that in today’s world many evil practices and illegal activities have crept in various systems of governance and social structure. These evils and illegal practices push deserving people to the back accord preference to the undeserving. But that never negates the role of consistency. The faults of system can’t substitute consistency; consistency has a place and consistency pays. May be late but it pays eventually.
Human life is not about getting things only; it is about getting them with honor, grace and graciousness. Lacking honor, grace and graciousness put men at a level which is equivalent to any other lower species of animals. To get things in the way in accordance with the human way of existence one must invest genuine hard and consistent work. Once this investment is made, this way, all things can be had in an honorable way. Worry not if people are getting things undeservedly. Consistency in sincere work will give you the same things deservedly.

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