The Gory Kathua Episode A Forgotten Tragedy

The Gory Kathua Episode A Forgotten Tragedy
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Muzamil Bashir

Memory power is a blessing. We remember things and we forget things. We have forgotten loads of tragedies. But, forgetting is a dangerous etiquette. We have forgotten a brutal tragedy, the tragedy that befell an 8 year old girl from Kathua. The girl , a budding flower was brutally raped and strangled to death by a group of aggressive predators in Kathua. Her tormentors are continuously trying to avoid the rule of law. But , the ones who were screaming for justice to this tender soul have forgotten the brutal episode. The powerful ones who support the rapists are rallying and using their influence to shield the beasts and the civil society who supported the justice to the girl are busy in their own materialistic world. The tragedy evaporated from the minds of people at a very fast rate.
The Kathua brutal rape and murder that had shook the conscience of the people across the world has boiled down to just a faded memory. The feeling of shacked consciousness by this heinous crime reversed immediately. The barbarous tragedy that had hit the headlines of the media across the world including the New York times has remained just a one more added story in the list of rapes happening in India.
Actions speak more that words. But, in this case of highest level of brutality empathetic words were extensively used without any action. The Slogan “Justice for the victim” which was displayed extensively and vigorously at the time of tragedy has remained unfulfilled. The slogan died a quick death rather than a slow death. The words “Justice for the victim” got crushed over a period of time by the non seriousness of the so called intellectuals and civil society members. These posters became the object of decoration in the front glasses of the cars. The condemnation brigade and those who had screamed for Justice to the victim have stopped uttering even a word in support of the innocent girl and her family.
We as a society have failed to struggle for justice of the innocent girl whose innocence was tormented. We have forgotten this tragedy in a very short period of time. But, her family has been inflicted with an unending pain with their souls bruised. They can never forget the tragedy that shattered their lives forever, the one that snatched their loved one in a most brutal manner. It is time to get up as a civilized society and put up our efforts to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. Otherwise this tragedy will remain as just another episode in the history of J&K with an unending wait for justice.

—The author works with the Integrated Child Protection Scheme(ICPS), District Baramulla. She can be reached at: