Forces provoking youth for financial gains: KCCI

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SRINAGAR: President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Javed Ahmad Tenga has expressed anguish at the “grisly” mowing down of a youth at Nowhatta.
In a statement, Tenga said that a few days of lull in acts of violence had apparently unnerved elements inimical to any sign to peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Reports suggest that an understanding had been reached as to not have the presence of security forces in the area near Jamia Masjid on Friday. Despite this, vehicles of security forces were seen in the area which acted as provocation,” KCCI president said. “As per the police reports, the said vehicles had taken a wrong turn. This wrong turn resulted in injuries to scores of youth and sadly in the death of a 21-year-old orphan Kaiser Bhat. Others are reported to be critical.”
He said KCCI had previously stated that vested interests in government forces have been actively involved in engineering acts of provocation of youth for “pecuniary gains”.
“The crushing of young lives seems to be another such act and the KCCI urges the government to investigate the presence of the vehicles in the area on Friday and also the fix responsibility for the deaths which will no doubt act as a trigger for further violence,” Tenga said.