Forces only know to kill and injure humans: JKLF

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SRINAGAR: “Crushing to death under military vehicles is a new weapon of war employed by colonial India against Kashmiris. The way the martyr Kaisar Amin along with two others was crushed under an armed vehicle confirms yet again that Indian killing machine knows no humanity,” said Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Saturday.
In a statement, a JKLF spokesperson said that crushing to death under military vehicles is a new killing weapon employed by Indian forces against Kashmiris.
He Indian forces have crossed every limit of repression in Jammu and Kashmir and a direct responsibility of these gruesome killings lies on the shoulders of pro-India politicians, political parties and especially the ruling regime which is providing legal cover and immunity to forces.
“Indian forces only know to kill and injure humans,” the spokesperson said and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family.

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