18 arrested in Bandipora in rare herb smuggling case

18 arrested in Bandipora in rare herb smuggling case
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Bandipora: Police here arrested 18 persons and seized 8 vehicles besides 400 kilograms of vital herb, locally knows as “Sheetkaar” in Bandipora District on Saturday.
According to the police, “the smuggling of vital and banned herbs from Gurez to different parts of India and outside is a usual trend among locals during summers, so to nab them the police has already constituted special teams to put halt on such activities,” SSP Zulfikar Ali said.
According to the officials the herb is very rare and is smuggled for 20000 rupees per kg in black market.
Police said that approximately “4 quintals of banned medicinal plants were seized in separate Nakas in jurisdiction of police station Bandipora and Pethakot which were being transported from Gurez in eight different vehicles”.
Regarding this total number of 4 FIR’s, two each in PS Bandipora and Pethakot have been registered. Also 18 accused in the transportation of the herb have been arrested and 8 vehicles seized.