Protect Children from Predators

Protect Children from Predators
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A young and brave 28 year old man has come forth and offered his testimony against a “faith healer” who has sexually abused the man years ago. Kudos to the young man who broke from shackles and was brave enough to testify against someone who is basically, essentially and purely a predator who sated his pedophilic lust on young buds in their tender and formative years of life. It needs to be pointed out here sexual predation , especially of a pedophilic nature, not only scars a victim psychologically but also emotionally, more so , if the victim does not speak, which is usually the norm. While predatory crimes of this nature have come to light and hence public notice , but these might be just some that do; many more remain , unfortunately under wraps and unreported. The reasons pertain to the nature of the crime: victims are usually young children who either do not fully understand what was or is done to them or out of fear do not articulate and report this dastardly crime to either parents or the police. ( At times, even parents choose silence if they come to know that their child has been a victim on account of shame or related taboos). However , the enormity of the crime, in terms of its very nature and the impact on victims, is such that it must neither go unreported nor underground, so to speak. The first step towards this end must be education of our young kids as to what constitutes appropriate behavior, or even touching by people who children are likely to trust like teachers, relatives , cousins and so on. After sensitizing children to this, the second would be to encourage children who feel that they have been victimized or are potential victims to speak to their parents who must promptly inform the police. Third, if a child has been victimized by a predator, he or she must be counseled by a professional child psychologist , to that she or he is not traumatized and scarred for life. In the final analysis, there will always be predators lurking in society, who might not be identified in time but to protect children from these is the duty of families , society and other stakeholders. It is about time that society wakes up to the menace and fights it, tooth and nail, for the sake of children.

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