Mother’s pride school organises counseling session

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Srinagar: Mother’s pride, a preparatory school in Raj Bagh on Thursday organised a day-long counseling session for parents of kids enrolled in the school.
According to a statement, psychologist Zoya counseled the parents about treating their kids in tender age in day long counseling session.
“A parent should never bombard a kid with questions but should be given a feeling that you stand by your kids and make them trust it,” Zoya told the parents.
Referring to the common mistakes of students like bed wetting or other incidents that come across the students in early stage, psychologist said the child should be appreciated for admitting her mistake rather than bashing him/her for doing it.
“In tender age if a parent appreciates kid for admitting mistakes it will help the kid to open up with his parents rather than staying aloof and not speaking to them,” she said.
The psychologist in her session on ‘Good touch and Bad Touch’ urged the parents to avoid anger and questioning kids and instead make them comfortable in sharing their doings with the parents.
“We should not compare them with the kids of other families but should treat them with love so that they will feel that their parents love them more than other relatives,” she said.
Later, the principal Iqra Handoo extended her gratitude towards parents for attending the session.