Jama’at says forces have let loose ‘reign of terror’

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Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday strongly condemned the attempt by armed forces to burn civilian homes in Gandbugh Kakapora during the night hours when the dwellers were asleep.
“This was a planned attempt to burn these houses along with the respective families. Some days back these very forces vandalized some residential houses at Sugan, Shopian and cut down a number of apple trees. These forces have let loose a reign of terror throughout the valley turning the life of the common people into a hell,” the spokesperson of Jama’at Advocate Zahid Ali said in a statement.
Jama’at also expresses its anguish over desecration of graves by the armed forces and said, “It is against human ethics and civilised legal norms. The law is not being followed as it is but the directions of police officers have become the law of the land which is a grave and brutal violation of the human rights.”
Jama’at while vehemently condemning these human rights violations appealed to the international and local human rights bodies and forums to take serious cognizance of this sordid situation and take effective steps and proper action against these “unruly authorities” who are involved in it.
He added that besides this hundreds of innocent people are languishing in different jails, police stations and torture centres on fictitious allegations and most of them have secured the release orders from the courts which are not at all honoured by the police authorities who claim to be the custodians of law and the protectors of the human rights.
“A number of youth have been kept in police lock ups in pitiable conditions and subjected to physical or mental tortures and are being implicated in false and frivolous cases in order to delay their release. Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Asiya Andrabi along with her two aides have not been released from the women’s police station Rambagh despite release orders from the court. Ameer Tehsil Islamabad Gulzar Ahmad Bhat of Uranhal, Bijbehara is being shifted from one police station to another and involved in fake and stale cases which are nothing but a revengeful act. His son too is detained with him at police post Sangam,” Ali said.
Jama’at demanded unconditional release of all detainees during the current month of Ramzan.