Athrout coming up with dialysis centre to help CKD patients

Athrout coming up with dialysis centre to help CKD patients
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Srinagar: The Srinagar based charitable organization, Athrout, is coming up with its own dialysis centre to help patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). So far the NGO has been helping CKD patients registered with them by paying partly for dialysis costs.
A CKD patient is not provided dialysis at a government hospital, as the facility is reserved for emergency patients. Patients require frequent dialysis for life, and have to rely on private sector, where the service is costly.
In Kashmir, CKD patients spend 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month on dialysis, apart from the costs of medicines and tests. The cost makes it unaffordable for a lot of people.
Keeping this in mind, Athrout is coming up with its own dialysis centre.
“We are going to inaugurate our dialysis centre in coming week, we have eight dialysis machine in our centre, that means we can do dialysis on 16 patients in one day,” Administration Officer, Athrout, Javeed Ahmad said.
“We have 62 CKD patients registered here. Before this we would give money to these patients so that they can go for dialysis but now we will provide dialysis here,” he said.
Ahmad said that they would provide one free dialysis to patients requiring four a month (two to patients requiring eight).
“After that we recommend our registered patients to other NGO but now we have our own centre instead of two now we can provide them three dialysis and for the rest they have to pay some money,” he said.
Athrout has been focusing on medical needs of poor, besides other requirements since 2007.
“I came to know about this organization when my father was suffering from health problems. They provide medicines to us. As the medicines are expensive and we can’t afford every month, Athrout provided sigh of relief to our family,” Saima, whose father is registered with Athrout, said.
She said that the family was facing severe problems earlier, as all the income was spend on procuring medicines, and she didn’t even have money to pay school fee.
Athrout has been helping people like Saima with free medicine and other household stuff like groceries and clothes. “They helped me in getting my daughters married,” says Zoone. “They have been looking after me since my husband died.”
Bilal Ahmad, a volunteer , said that the organisation provides ambulance, nebulizers, oxygen concentration machines free of cost to poor and at a very low cost to people from lower groups.
“We have a medical store called Rahat, where medicines are given free of cost to poor and at low cost to low income people,” Bilal said.