Playing the Iranian Card is a Preparation for Armageddon

Playing the Iranian Card is a Preparation for Armageddon
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The unilateral withdrawal of US from JCPOA better known as the Iran Nuclear deal and later the introduction of the new set of conditions on Iranian government are events that are not happening in a historical vacuum. Actually, the strong Zionist lobby and their central bank thugs are always pushing the US and its allies into endless wars around the globe for attaining their objectives and now Iranian influence in the Middle East has become a bone of contention. It is not a hidden fact that Israel wants to become a ruling state in the world by replacing the US and right from the inception of Israel, Zionists have a firm determination to expand the territory of Israel from the river Euphrates in east to the river of Egypt in west, which is known as the greater Israel project.
When the Arab world is destroyed by US war machine then it will be an easy task for Zionists to make a transition from Israel to Greater Israel, and as for as the ruling status of globe is concerned it can be achieved through developing a parallel economic powerhouse and military might to the US and later a confrontation between them will result in the mutual destruction and then Israel will immediately fill the power vacuum. It is not some conspiracy theory but a fact based on strong pieces of evidence. The smuggling of US military technology by Israel to China and the economic aspects like the birth of petro-yuan and BRICS nations, that are actually the reactions of US economic aggression against east constitute individual pieces of grand agenda that has eroded western Empire and may result in its complete collapse.
A US investigation in 2013 concluded that the cutting edge US missile and electro-optics technology has been secretly transferred to China by Israel. After the incident, a senior Israeli defense official was forced to resign from his post. According to the reports of “Maariv” an Israeli newspaper, the smuggled items include miniature refrigeration systems manufactured by Ricor which are used in electro-optic equipment’s and missiles. This is not the first incident, in fact, James Woolsey the CIA director during 1990’s revealed to US Senate that Israel has been selling US military technology to China from a decade. Also in 2002 Associated Press reported that US forced Israel to stop the transfer of Python-3 missiles to China as the technology was developed by the US military.
On the one hand Israel is selling US military secrets to China, and on the other hand, US is constantly imposing sanctions on Russia and confronting China through trade wars, Naval exercises in the South China Sea and by interfering in the Korean peninsula in addition to competing for dominance in Africa. These tactics of US and NATO have actually helped Russia and China to overcome their rivalry as they have realized that their future is more secure in mutual cooperation and not in competition and enmity. In the middle east at least Syria and Iran and to some extent Turkey have become reliable allies of Russia and China. It seems that US actions are strengthening, uniting and arming its enemies.
Due to constant threat from the US sanctions Iran has now entered into many trade agreements with Russia, China and Turkey, like gas for the gold swap between Iran and Turkey, junk for oil deal between Iran and China and rubble denominated trade agreements with Russia. In addition to this , China has launched the Yuan denominated oil futures contract thereby directly challenging the hegemony of petrodollar. Petro-Yuan has the capability to break the backbone of US economy. As the US will impose more and more economic sanctions on Russia and Iran and provocation of China in contested waters of South China Sea will, in turn, bring more and more closeness among western rivals. More and more US economic sanctions will force target counties to develop aggressive alternatives, therefore with the passage of time US economic sanctions are going to lose their effectiveness.
Preparations are being made on every front to divide the world into two major economic and military power blocks, so that on appropriate time kill switch can be pressed and there will be a global scale military confrontation that will result in the fall of today’s ruling state of the world and Israel will rise as the new ruling power of the planet. The formation of BRICS may help to understand the policies of Zionists, On the one hand, western media portray BRICS as a threat to US led western economic neo-liberalism and on the other hand, the term BRICS itself was coined by economist Jim O’Neill, of Goldman Sachs, in a report on growth prospects for the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China in 2001. Goldman Sachs is a Jewish bank and through BRICS they have sown the seeds for challenging the US economic hegemony.
The recent decision of Donald Trump to move out from JCPOA and later announcing the new set of conditions on Iran are too disgraceful for any nation to accept. Like the conditions state that Iran should withdraw all forces from Syria, unlike the US, Iran was invited by the Syrian government to help them in fighting ISIS and Al-Nusra militants.
Radical Jews consider a divine promise over holy land that extends from the river Euphrates in the east to the river of Egypt in the west and from Syria in the north to the red sea in the south. This huge land mass constitutes the territory of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria Iraq and some part of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The military invasion of US to sovereign countries in the Middle East indicates a strong correlation with Zionist agenda of greater Israel. Iran is the only country in the Middle East that does not have a pro-US and pro-Israeli government. Iran also controls Strait of Hormuz through which 40% of the world’s oil flows and has strong militia groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthi that have become a nightmare for its enemies. Iran also has a strong influence on the Syrian government and friendly relation with Russia and China.
All these factors make Iran a strong opponent to Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Thus Israel wants a direct military confrontation of US with Iran as with the destruction of Iran there will be no strong opponent of Israel in the Middle East that can challenge the greater Israel project. The Russian and Chinese interests in the Middle East have made them allies of Iran. So a military intervention in Iran will compromise the interests of these two world powers. Also, the US and NATO are constantly threatening Russia through economic sanctions and military might. Already disturbed Russia and his stakes in the Middle East may bring it head to head with the US if Iran got attacked by Israeli and western war machine and thus the clouds of Great War which is called Malhama in Islam and Armageddon in Jewish and Christian scriptures may come upon whole humanity.

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