Students showcase models for using litter for power

Students showcase models for using litter for power
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SRINAGAR: School children from Srinagar on Monday showcased models on utilising littler for productive activities,like power generation and road laying at an event on solid waste management organized by a environmental NGO.
The awareness meet on solid waste management organised by Eco Peace Resource Management Foundation at SKICC saw students of 30 schools from the city showcasing their ideas.
One of the models was about generating electricity and fertilizer from litter. The litter is fed into a plastic bucket along with a chemical and kept for days to produce biogas and later electricity.
The model prepared by Kamil Muzaffar and Aadiv Rath, class 9 students of Burnhall School, has already fetched the duo an all-India award last year.
“Three tonnes of biodegradable waste would produce one Mega watt of electricity,” Kamil told Kashmir Reader.
“The residue produced in the process is a fertilizer which has all the macro and micro nutrients,” Rath added. “This technology could be handy for Srinagar as it on an average produces 500 metre tonnes of garbage every day.”
Their class fellows, Abeet Paul and Haider Jeelani, displayed a model for using plastic in road laying along with bitumen.
Haider told Kashmir Reader that mixing plastic sing the method reduces the percentage of bitumen used in roads from 30 to 10.
“This has better tensile strength, financially and environmentally viable,” Paul said.
Students also displayed use of plastic litter embankments for flower beds, air purification, and toys for kids.
“The purpose of getting them together is to bring in them an idea of solid waste management since early childhood. The models exhibit how solid waste can be effectively used by practical examples. We will continue work on them in future too to enhance their capacity building,” Taham Mubashir, the co-founder of Eco Peace Resource Management Foundation.
“We will also use these models at an Eco park whose proposal for set up have been put before the government. It is likely that government will approve it,” he added.
The NGO co-founded by Zeenat Farooq, a solid waste expert, has also held painting competition on the theme ‘How beauty of Kashmir is destroyed by solid waste’.