On Hope

On Hope
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By Fayaz Ganie

Hope, who has not it, who lives without it and who can live without it. None, simply none, one who loses hope loses life and the battle of life. So, in the most desperate of situations it is hope that keeps us going and in the cases of extreme helplessness it is hope that comes to our aid and help. Hope is not only a beautiful word but something beyond that, something that brings joy after every situation of despair.

Hope sustains life, they say, and it is in living, when the reasons for living seem missing, where hope lies. In simplest terms, man does what hope makes him to do and he moves in the direction where hope directs him to go. If things are not hoped , acts cannot be there to get those things. Hope makes the achievement of these things possible when everything seems impossible.

Hope is with all of us and it is on all, animate as well as the inanimate entities that exist in the world. We expect these things to behave as per our best interests and believe that they will come to our aid when we need their assistance. In most of the cases, they do exactly the same whether we realize it or not. Above all the greatest hope of a man of faith is on the Almighty, the Creator, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent.

In terms of relations of man, he moves away from a dear one only with the hope that the dear one will call him back, will hold his hand and say a word of love, a world of compassion and empathy, if the latter is needed. It is hoped to receive best of things, feelings, emotions and support from the people with whom one comes to form relations. It is hope that keeps these relations going and if hope is lost in a relation, the relation is gone.

During adversities, a man keeps fighting in the hope that the adversities will one day come to an end and life will heal all the wounds inflicted by these. Even when they get life threatening hope remains there that they are going to end. If for a moment the hope is lost the life is lost. In great adversities, it is hope only which comes to our aid, hope that all adversities are ephemeral. With the human patience, perseverance and a fighting spirit all the adversities could be defeated.

In terms of professions, a man hopes to get a profession of his liking, and if the choice is given chooses the one of his choice, and if there is no choice still works in the hope to get that profession one day. In case, the profession of choice is not found man still chooses the one which he hopes to bring optimum good outcomes for him. And, once the profession is chosen success in that profession is hoped always and every time, if the hope is lost the profession is lost or given up. Even if there are initial failures in his profession, he keeps working in the hope that end will belong to him only and the end will bring the success only and those who remain steadfast and hopeful achieve that success.
Like all the above, writers also associate their hopes with their writings. They write in the hope to contribute something in the forward movement of the human race, to keep things in the near perfect order and to make the world a better place to live. No doubt, they want a few words of appreciation in return; some even have monetary and material considerations in mind and others want fame but the primary objective in case of a good writer is the betterment of his fellow creatures. They hope people and institutions to recognize their efforts for without that recognition the betterment which they intend to bring to the world is hard to come.

Similar is the story of all others, the farmers and the artisan, the students and the teachers, the researchers and the scientists and the politicians and the governors. They all hope to do little bit at least to make the sustenance of the human race possible. All the threats to that sustenance are tried to be eliminated by the great collective efforts of these men. Their individual hopes turn into the collective hope of the mankind, that is the hope of life for all the forthcoming generations of men and the species that help in that life for men.

Amidst all the hopeful people and the hope giving world the existence of hopeless men and things cannot be denied. They are there and they are going to remain there. These types of people make their life and the life of the hopeful ones difficult, if not impossible. They see only the negative side of the things and expect adverse even when the good is imminent and easily achievable. They turn their life into a pathetic state of uncertainty and hopeless. Between the two available options they always chose the negative and the discouraging one.

These types of people are the biggest kind of challenge that the hopefuls face. They at times turn even the hopeful people into hopeless ones. Living with them is a herculean task if their impact is to be eradicated from life. The options that are available to deal with such people is to try to make them positive and hopeful, if that is not achievable allow not them to turn one into helpless and if they remain adamant in their hopelessness, move away from them if that is an option. The latter option may turn good for both of the parties.
About hopeless situations and hope breaking things they can be dealt with comparative ease than the people. These circumstances include the natural and manmade disasters, catastrophes, wars and conflicts. They at times give an impression that there is no way out but by the resolute human acts and will humans can survive through all these conditions as most of the men do so. The thing that comes to aid of the men to face them is again hope and the state of being hopeful.

We are living in a conflict situation and the current impression is that there are no ways out of this conflict as the people holding the reins of the power are not willing to resolve this conflict but we must be hopeful that good sense will prevail and the exigency of resolving the conflict will dawn upon the people in power. Once that happens, the conflict will be resolved and will evaporate like a volatile liquid in air. The parochial personal interests that decide the outcome of the conflict today, let us hope, will cease to do so and peace will prevail in the region we are living in.
Eventually it is hope that matters, as long as it is, life is there and the achievement of every good thing is possible. Without hope life could become a conglomerate of sufferings, adversities, disasters and despicable conditions for men and with hope the world could be made a beautiful and more sustainable place to live. The choice is ours what we want to chose and make out of life. Hope for the best.

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