GoI ready to talk to Hurriyat if they agree: Rajnath

GoI ready to talk to Hurriyat if they agree: Rajnath
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Srinagar: Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that the Government of India is ready to hold talks with the Hurriyat, but there is no indication as yet from the Hurriyat that it is ready to talk.
“If Hurriyat is ready to come to the table for talks, we are ready for it. However, so far, there is no indication from them to this effect,” Rajnath Singh said. “I have already said that we are ready for dialogue with all stakeholders in Kashmir. If Hurriyat comes forward for talks, we don’t mind talking to them. Whoever wants to talk with us, we are ready for talks.”
He also said that New Delhi was ready to hold talks even with Pakistan if it comes forward to do so. “To not welcome anyone who wants to talk is not the right thing,” he said in an interview with a national TV news channel.
Singh claimed that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government supported the withdrawal of FIRs against first-time stone-pelters as a method to reach out to people. “Children are misled. We refuse to look at first-time stone-pelters as terrorists,” he said.
Singh said that Pakistan will have to learn that supporting terrorists is not doing it any good. “If you see, there is consensus emerging in the international community that Pakistan has become a shelter for terrorists,” he said.
“I believe that Kashmir and Kashmiri are both ours,” he said.
Asked about the ceasefire announced for the month of Ramazan, Singh said, “But this does not mean that security forces will not respond to attacks on them.”
He said that the situation on the borders is a concern but the Government of India has comprehensive plans for the welfare of people. “Border people are special for us. We are doing everything for their safety,” he said.