Vendors hold protest at Amira Kadal, 3 attempt suicide by jumping into Jhelum

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Srinagar: Three protesting street vendors on Saturday jumped in river Jhelum from Amira Kadal, Srinagar and attempted suicide during a protest of the vendors who according to them are not being allowed to use footpaths for earning their livelihood.
However many people immediately swung into action and saved these street vendors. The injured venders were rushed to SMHS hospital.
Earlier the street vendors of Amira Kadal and Hari Singh High Street, Srinagar held protest at Amira Kadal bridge against IG traffic and SMC Department for not allowing them to use footpaths.
The protesters said that the traffic department and SMC department had asked them to vacate the footpaths but they have not any option where they can earn.
“If government is not willing to provide us space at footpaths, let it provide us some alternative place in the city where we can earn livelihood from vending,” the protesting vendors said.
They said most of the street vendors are highly qualified but jobless youth. “The state government has failed to create employment opportunities for the unemployed youth in the state, we opted for street vending to earn livelihood and to support our families but we are not even allowed this,” they said.