Rs 35 lakh robbed at gunpoint in northwest Delhi

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New Delhi: Unidentified persons today robbed Rs 35 lakh from the driver and manager of a businessman in northwest Delhi’s Model Town, police said.
The driver and the helper of the businessman, who deals in copper, were on their way to the businessman’s house in a car when a SUV, bearing a Haryana registration number intercepted their vehicle, they said.
Four men with covered faces were there inside the SUV.
Two of them got down, broke the windowpane on the driver’s side of the businessman’s car, took the car keys at gunpoint, the police said.
They then opened the car’s trunk and took the bag containing Rs 35 lakh in cash, they said.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest) Aslam Khan said it is suspected that it was an insider’s job. It is suspected since the accused were aware that the cash was being transported in the car.
The police are probing whether any employees of the businessman were involved. They are also questioning the driver since he was hired one-and-a-half-months ago. PTI