Shopian mini secretariat given over to garbage, water leakage

Shopian mini secretariat given over to garbage, water leakage
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CRPF deployed in the building ‘main reason for mess’

SHOPIAN: The premises and back yard of the Shopian Mini Secretariat have been turned into a garbage dump with coal, food waste and sewage water spread over the ground, not only creating a sorry level of pollution for such a big government establishment but also decaying this multi-crore project.
Dispiritingly, this has taken place under the nose of all the district’s top officers. The main source of the mess is a group of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men that has been living inside the building since 2016, but the authorities have not yet given them separate quarters.
“The CRPF men, who were meant to be here for guarding the building, are living inside it, they have occupied several rooms, they had even put barricades inside it,” said an official posted there, pleading anonymity. He added that these forces have placed sand and mud bags on the building’s windows as well as in its rooms, which have added to its degradation and have caused the building to lose its former prestige.
Employees posted in the Mini Secretariat told Kashmir Reader that the building’s security is good but the forces should be given quarters outside it. “They are the foremost reason for such a mess in the building,” an official said.
In addition to this, several of the building’s water supply and sewage pipe lines have leaks. The leaks are slowly decaying the walls of this multi-crore building which, according to locals, is the one good thing Shopian has. “I informed the concerned authorities several times about fixing the water pipe leaks in the walls of the building, but a year has passed and these leaks are the same as they were then,” an insider from the Mini Secretariat said. He added that the condition of the building has worsened over the last two years and wondered what would happen to it after a decade.
Meanwhile, there is a garbage dump near the building’s fences that has been here for the past 40 years and which is creating massive pollution. Lying on the banks of precious water bodies like Rambiara and the spring of Nagrai, it is also a big challenge for the authorities.
District Development Commissioner, Shopian, Gazanfar Ali, while admitting that the mess has been created by the forces living in the building, said that he has taken up the issue with the concerned officials. “I took stock of this issue and told the security agencies that separate bunks would be given to the CRPF men and that water leaks and other issues would be solved very soon,” he said, while adding that by the CRPF is to give us a report about the total number of men there by Tuesday and that the bunks would be given to them accordingly.
Maintaining that the issue of cleanliness would also be addressed very soon, the Deputy Commissioner added, “I took this issue up in a board meeting too and told the executive engineer to look after it.”