Jama’at alleges harassment by army in Shopian

Jama’at alleges harassment by army in Shopian
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‘In-charge 44-RR asks our workers questions beyond his domain’

SRINAGAR: The workers and associates of Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir from south Kashmir’s Shopian district and adjoining areas have alleged harassment by army camp at Ahgam Shopian.
According to a statement issued here, Jama’at said its workers and associates are being forced to attend the 44-RR camp Shopian where the in-charge subjects them to mental harassment by asking unnecessary questions.
“The camp in-charge repeatedly asks Jama’at workers those questions which are beyond his domain and concern. Jama’at-e-Islami is a socio-religious organisation working for promoting the Islamic character and moral up-gradation among people by organising propagation programs and congregations openly and has been doing so since its formation in 1945 and its style of working is peaceful and upper ground,” the statement said.
Jama’at said it collects donations from its associates and general public in the form of charity (Zakaat) and monetary assistance for helping the downtrodden and needy people in an organised manner with transparency and sincerity.
It also helps the affected people during natural calamities like fire, flood etc and extends helping hand to poor students to enable them to meet out necessary educational expenses openly, the statement said, adding that Jama’at collects the required funds locally through lawful means and distributes the same among the needy and poor people, without any discrimination of creed, colour, region and its all activities are open and transparent.
“Despite all its social work, some elements with vested interests are bent upon tarnishing the image of Jama’at by their vicious propaganda and the same elements have started a baseless defamation campaign against Jama’at,” the statement said.
Jama’at-e-Islami said it strongly denounces the role of 44-RR camp at Ahgam Shopian against its local workers and associates. It has asked the human rights bodies to intervene in “this crucial situation” and take effective steps to stop it.