Former ISI, RAW Chiefs publish ‘The Spy Chronicles’

Former ISI, RAW Chiefs publish ‘The Spy Chronicles’
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Srinagar: The former officials of Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) have published a book together, Pak media reports said on Monday.
The book is titled as ‘The spy chronicles’ and written by General Asad Durrani of ISI and former chief of Indian Raw A.S Dulat.
The reports said the book has discussed the Indian “surgical strike” in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK), Kalbhushan Yadav’s arrest, Nawaz Sharif, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Kashmir, Burhan Wani etc. Other than that, the book also predicts restoration of ties between India and Pakistan.
The book also recalls that the son of Asad Durrani, Osman Durrani reached Indian city of Kochi to work related to a German Company. Osman had to leave the country from the city he had entered.