A month on, police yet to return phones of detained students

A month on, police yet to return phones of detained students
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Anantnag: Police in Anantnag are yet to return mobile phones of more than a dozen students who were detained last month following protests at Government Degree College (GDC) in the main town.
The students, more than 20 of them, were arrested by police following intense clashes in and around the GDC on April 23, against the Kathua rape and murder.
The belongings of the students, including mobile phones, were taken into custody by police station Sadder in Anantnag when the students were kept detained for the night.
The students were subsequently released after a much-hyped “counseling” session by senior police officials on April 24. Most of their belongings were returned to them, except the mobile phones.
“They kept our mobile phones and told us that they will be handed over to us in a day or two,” a student detained then told Kashmir Reader.
Almost a month later, they are yet to get their phones back.
“They have been making us do rounds of the police station and every day we are promised that out phones will be returned the next day, but we are yet to receive them back,” another student said.
Some of them alleged that the students who managed intervention by politicians have been given their phones back.
“But almost a dozen of us who have no political patronage are made to do regular rounds of the police station,” the students alleged, adding that they feel harassed and most of them have stopped going to the police station to ask for their phones.
SSP Anantnag Altaf Khan acknowledged that the mobile phones of these students were with the police.
“We had kept them to scrutinise the mobile phones. But most of them were locked. We could have got them unlocked by our tech experts but we wanted the students to come forward and unlock them for us,” Khan said.
He said that the students who did come forward and unlock the phones have been handed back their phones.
“But some of them are showing reluctance. They should come forward and get their phones back,” Khan said.