VOJ registers case against malpractices, irregularities in issuance of Arms Licenses

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Srinagar: Vigilance Organization, Jammu registered a case against the issuing authorities of various districts owing to malpractices and irregularities in issuance of Arms Licenses, a statement said on Saturday.
A report forwarded by the state Home Department for investigation into the alleged irregularities regarding issuance and renewal of Arms Licences by Licensing Authorities across the State was received in the Vigilance Organization, the statement said.
“As per the report, on the basis of secret reports of various agencies of the state which also includes the report of the GoI, it has come to light that during the period 2012 to 2016, the Dy. Commissioners of various districts have issued gun Licenses which run in thousands,” the statement added.
According to the statement it was also reflected in the report that Authorities of the Districts are involved in malpractices in issuance of Arms Licenses in lieu of monetary considerations.
It was, prima facie, found that the officers and officials of the districts in connivance with private person (s) and others have fraudulently and illegally issued the gun licenses, which has raised serious security concerns as the state is facing internal security challenges and that the Licensing Authorities have brazenly flouted the norms, procedure and rules governing the subject in lieu of monetary considerations by abuse of their official position as public servants which in turn discloses commission of criminal misconduct by them u/s 5 (2) PC Act Samvat 2006 read with section 3/25 Arms Act 1962. Accordingly, case FIR No. 11/2018 under the relevant sections was registered in P/S VOJ for through investigation, the statement said.