Woman battling for life after injection ‘blunder’ at Khrew health center

Woman battling for life after injection ‘blunder’ at Khrew health center
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Will inquire: Director Health

SRINAGAR: A 45-year-old woman is currently battling for life after she was wrongly injected a painkiller into the vein rather than the muscle at Primary Health Centre, Khrew some days ago.
Kounsar Jabeen wife of Arshad Hussain of Khrew area in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district developed adverse reaction as soon as she received Tramadol injection intravenously at Primary Health Centre (PHC) Khrew, according to the family.
They took her to SMHS Hospital, where doctors resuscitated her at the emergency.
“By the time we reached SMHS Hospital, her body was burning and pale,” they said.
“He fainted and vomited blood immediately after she was given the Tramadol injection by a health worker as per the instructions of an on-duty doctor. She was simply complaining of a headache but, they left her in serious condition,” her brother-in-law Gowhar Wani told Kashmir Reader.
He alleged that doctors posted at the PHC also denied her emergency treatment following the complication.
“She was left unattended by them even as she was unconscious and white foam was coming from her mouth. They even denied us ambulance to shift her to another hospital,” Wani said.
“It’s a sheer negligence and mismanagement which has become a trend in the hospital,” he said.
The incident happened on May 12 when Kounsar visited the PHC for the treatment of a simple headache, as per the family.
According to them, doctors posted at the health centre advised her to take some medicines and injections.
“A female health worker was assigned to give the Tramadol injection from the Hospital supply. But, she didn’t bother to give a test dose. Kounsar didn’t respond to the treatment, rather her condition deteriorated,” said her cousin, Shoaib Ahmad.
He said the hospital was run by BUMS doctors and untrained health workers which have led to the negligence and mismanagement many times in the past.
“She is yet to recover from the negligent treatment at the PHC even as she has spent more than four days in SMHS Hospital,” Ahmad said.
Doctors at SMHS Hospital termed the incident as ‘blunder’.
“The patient would have died of sudden heart attack and brain hemorrhage as precautions were not taken before the injection is given,” said a doctor wishing anonymity.
Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman told Kashmir Reader that he will inquire into the incident.
“I will talk to the CMO and concerned officials and take action accordingly,” he said.