Three weapons go missing from hotel in Srinagar

Three weapons go missing from hotel in Srinagar
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Srinagar: Three weapons have gone missing from a police guardroom at a hotel in Srinagar’s Dalgate on Thursday evening.
A police spokesperson said that the three rifles including two INSAS and SLR went missing and they are investigating into it.
The official said that four policemen were deployed at the hotel and of them two were on “unauthorised” absence. “One among the two cops who was present at the hotel had gone to offer prayers. The other was at the hotel and his AK-47 is not missing,” said the official denying it was militant attack. “Had it been a militant attack, there would have been some resistance. We are investigating as to how the rifles went missing. The cops who had gone home on unauthorised absence have been summoned by police for questioning,” the official added.