Modi not welcome in Kashmir: National Front

Modi not welcome in Kashmir: National Front
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Srinagar: Terming the Modi’s visit to Kashmir an attempt to fool the world, Jammu Kashmir National Front on Thursday said that instead of trying to befool the world, Modi must respect the promises made to the people of Jammu Kashmir by its country.
National Front deputy chairman, AltafHussainWani, in a statement said that if Modi is really a believer of democracy he should release all the political prisoners and start a process so that Kashmir dispute is resolved once for all.
He said that “forces on the behest of Modi government have unleashed a reign of terror in the disputed territory”.
“They are on a killing spree and they have filled up jails. No one is allowed to raise his or her voice and a martial law is prevailing in the Jammu Kashmir making it a virtual police state. Indian forces have killed around 80 people in Kashmir only in last four and a half months, so Modi is not welcome in the region the aim of whose visit is to show the world as if there is nothing going on here. The world is fully aware about the fact that the hands of Indian rulers are drenched with blood of innocent Kashmiri people,” Wani said.
Wani also condemned the recent massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli forces. He said that Kashmiris and Palestinians are facing same kind of situations where occupiers have turned the disputed territories into killing fields.