Pandith organisation observes hunger strike, demands end of blood shed

Pandith organisation observes hunger strike, demands end of blood shed
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Sheikh Uzair

Srinagar: Kashmir Pandits under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir Reconciliation Front, Wednesday held a day-long hunger strike here to express solidarity and with Kashmiri Muslim brethren to draw the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is visiting Jammu and Kashmir on 19th May to end the ‘sufferings’ here.
Earlier also in the month of March the front organized a hunger strike and had appealed the Prime Minister to initiate a dialogue process with the people of Kashmir.
“Prime Ministers visit is a coincidence as the visit falls in the month of Holy Ramadan and my political sense tells me that he is going to talk to some people here. It has raised the hopes and expectations of people of Jammu and Kashmir,” said Dr. Sandeep Mawa, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Reconciliation Front.
“We hope he (Prime Minister) understands the power of negotiations and talks as we have pinned our hopes on him,” Dr. Mawa adeed.
The Front had raised banners on the makeshift tent calling for ‘ending bloodbath and resolving Kashmir’. The banners also read “Kashmiri Hindus in support of Kashmiri Muslims”, “Don’t kill our Muslim brothers” and “Long live Kashmiriyat and brotherhood”.
“PM Modi in the last general elections campaigned for Sabh ka saath Sabh ka vikaas and in his last Kashmir visit he said Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat and Kashmiriyat, let’s see if he is a man of his word and remembers his principles,” said Dr. Mawa.