‘Cosmetic’ ceasefire: Sehrai

‘Cosmetic’ ceasefire: Sehrai
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SRINAGAR: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairperson and senior resistance leader Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai on Wednesday said that the union government’s announcement of “unilateral ceasefire” was a ‘cosmetic measure”.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Sehrai said that it cannot be termed as a “ceasefire” in the first place. “How can you term it a ceasefire?” he questioned, saying that as the GoI has said that they will stop killing in the month of Ramazan, consequently meaning the killings will continue after Eid.
He said that a “ceasefire” should have been long-term and followed by a concrete and practical roadmap for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.
Elaborating, the senior resistance leader said that there appears to be no determination in GoI to resolve the Kashmir issue. “Ideally, the GoI should have announced a ceasefire followed by a roadmap to engage all the stakeholders including the principal party – Kashmiris – and Pakistan for the resolution of the dispute,” he said.
Sehrai said that the major stakeholders of the Kashmir dispute are those who are laying their lives and whose blood is being spilled day in and day out.
He said that the people of Kashmir should not be overjoyed by this “cosmetic” measure.