Ramadan Kareem!!

Ramadan Kareem!!
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After a day or two, we will be blessed by the holy month of Ramadan. This glorious and blessed month is not only special for intrinsic and inherent reasons but also because the Holy Quran was revealed during its course. This means, the greatest blessing for us Muslims, that is, Islam, became reified in our lives. Besides the special nature of the holy month of Ramadan, there is a halo around the entire month, so to speak, and a certain spirit of generosity, self sacrifice, deep spirituality and a sense of amity pervades the consciousness of Muslims. This is but natural but the challenge for us Muslims is that we go beyond and make this month a special one of worship, devotion, Ibada and define the locus of our beings with the spirit of Ramadan. All this does not and should not merely mean going through the pre requisites and requisites of the Holy month but also remember, in both thought and deed, the poor and the underprivileged sections of our society. Translated into practice, this should mean helping the poor and the needy, ensuring that they also get the best during Ramadan. It is a statement of the obvious to state that many people in Kashmir earn their daily bread through a daily wage existence. That is, what they earn during the day, either through wage labor or small businesses, they consume it and they have to start afresh the next day. For some people, wage labor becomes difficult and businesses like street vending also take a hit. As such, the income levels of these people dip. There are also other unfortunate few who are unemployed and for who economic and financial existence is precarious. We, as a society, and as individuals, must go out of our way to take care of these victims of fate and assist them in a way that both restores their dignity and makes them feel as valued members of society. We must also make special prayers for Muslims who are suffering and are victims of violence and other vicissitudes. Above all, the Holy month of Ramadan offers us a great and a wonderful opportunity for self purification and thus cleansing ourselves spiritually. We must review our selves during the Holy month and attempt to transform ourselves during the blessed month. By way of closing, we wish our readers and all a blessed Ramadan!

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