Kashmir’s resistance camp slams Israel for ‘genocide’ of Palestinians, world community for ‘criminal silence’

Kashmir’s resistance camp slams Israel for ‘genocide’ of Palestinians, world community for ‘criminal silence’
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SRINAGAR: The pro-freedom camp on Tuesday slammed the Israel for perpetrating what it termed as genocide of innocent Palestinians. It also denounced the “criminal silence” of the world community and human rights organisations over the killing of Palestinian people by Israeli armed forces.
Over 60 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded by Israeli troops as the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem, a move that has infuriated Palestinians.
Veteran resistance leader and chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani, while expressing grave concern over the “genocide” of innocent people of Palestine at the hands of Israel’s “fascist” forces, rejected what he termed as the US hegemony to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
“It is against the sovereignty of a nation like Palestine, and to intervene in the internal matters of sovereign state is against the set principles of UNO,” Geelani said in a statement.
He said the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should take stock of the situation and use its good office on diplomatic front to deter the “policy of genocide of the weaker nations of the world at the hands of imperialistic powers”.
“All humans should rise to the occasion and fight the rule of tyranny and cruelty prevailing anywhere in the world,” Hurriyat leader said.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference and patron of Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema – an amalgam of various religious organisations of Kashmir – strongly condemned Israel’s “open aggression” against Palestinian people, terming it “the worst form of state terrorism which the world cannot ignore”.
“The people of Kashmir stand with the people of Palestine at this hour of grief and sorrow,” Mirwaiz said in a statement.
“It is unfortunate that the world bodies who claim to be the champions of human rights have put a deaf ear to Israel’s fresh war crimes,” Mirwaiz said. “The criminal silence adopted by the world forums and the Muslim organisations over the genocide of Palestinian people has boosted the morale of Israeli soldiers to kill more innocent Palestinian Muslims.”
The valley’s head cleric added, “Palestine and Kashmir conflict share many similarities as both are being occupied through military might, but what is unfortunate is the silence of United Nations over the conflict resolution of both the issues. The hegemony of India and Israel gives them the immunity to do as they will and their armed forces have got the licence to kill and massacre every day.”
Mirwaiz made a fervent appeal to the world conscience to rise to the occasion and play role in getting justice for the occupied people of Kashmir and Palestine.
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik in a statement said, “Bloodbath in Palestine amounts to genocide of people supported by the international community. Israel by killing innocent Palestinians and USA by supporting this carnage is actually promoting a human tragedy.”
“What makes this bloodbath more wretched is the callous approach of the international community including the USA which has chosen to glorify this mass murder under the absurd pretext of Israeli security. How are small children, unarmed men and women of Palestine a threat to Israeli security and how long will USA and the international community support this apathy against fellow humans especially Muslims,” Malik said.
He said the international community in the same manner has been maintaining “criminal silence” on Jammu Kashmir and spree of killings here. “This double standard and policies based on economic considerations and apathy are actually turning our world into a terrible place where humans may be living but humanity is fast diminishing,” he said.
Describing the opening of US embassy in Jerusalem as a moment of shame for the whole Muslim world, Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) has questioned the silence of the Muslims.
In a statement, DeM spokesperson Riffat Fatima said, “Isn’t the safety of the Palestinians a responsibility of the Arab rulers? Be it Kashmir or Palestine, Burma or Central Asia, the reason of Muslim genocide is their own follies. Even if today the Muslims unite, the West will die its own death and its policies will fail.”
Muslim League Jammu Kashmir chairman Mushtaq-ul-Islam while expressing deep grief over the killings in Palestine by Israel said, “America and Israel are the epicentre of terrorism and all evil.”
Lashing out at Western countries for their “biased and intolerant” approach, Mushtaq-ul-Islam said, “They are carrying their sinister designs of bloodshed in Muslim world and have turned the whole region into a testing field for their hazardous weapons.”
Appealing Muslim Ummah to forge unity, Muslim League chairman stressed for unified strategy and asked to fight imperialism. “We must repose faith in Almighty Allah and seek help from Him,” he said.
Muslim League headed by Masarat Alam in a statement termed the killing of Palestinians as terrorism and barbaric.
A spokesperson of the League accused US and Israel of carrying out killing spree in Muslim countries and said that they had turned Muslim world into a battleground.
He deplored the world’s indifference towards grave injustice and repression perpetrated upon the Palestinians, who have been thrown out of their own land, by a powerful occupier.
The spokesperson questioned the role of human rights organisations and said that their silence over the situation of Gaza has proven their claim of human rights as hollow.
“These organizations also follow the duel standards on Muslims and there is no value of the blood of Muslims in front of them. They are busy in serving the unjust interests of the imperialistic powers of the world,” he said.
He appealed to the international community particularly the Muslim Ummah to impress upon Israel to stop brutalities on Palestinians.