IT solution to counter loss of school days

IT solution to counter loss of school days
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PSAK collaborates with tech companies to introduce online program

Srinagar: Srinagar: The Private Schools Association of Kashmir has collaborated with IT companies, Tech Avant-Garde, Microsoft and Efeeonline, to bring IT enabled solutions into educational institutes of Kashmir as an initiative to counter loss of working days due to frequent closures.
The association said that the service would also help provide global quality education to students, and keep the students and teacher connected through the online platform during unscheduled closures.
“We are living in a conflict zone, that we cannot help but what we are trying to do is to isolate education sector in a way that it remains largely unaffected,” President PSAK G N Var said at a press conference announcing the program along with representatives of tech companies.
The association, however, acknowledged that the solution was prone to disruption due to frequent internet shutdown by government.
“IT enabled services offer the best solution. But here too we need government help as some services work on dependable internet connections. Government has the ability to regulate internet services at even tehsil level and certain sites. So our only request to government is to allow educational websites functions smoothly even in the times of internet blockade. We will provide the list of websites to government too which need to be free from blockades. Or if they are willing to offer any other alternative we are ready to listen,” Var said.
The program would be introduced in Kashmir in the next academic session. During the last few years, the situation in Kashmir has turned bad for education sector with weeks and even months of forced closure of educational institutes happening per year.
Var said during the last decade schools in Kashmir have made tremendous progress in providing quality education but that is threatened due to the prevailing circumstances.
Restrictions, curfews, violent situations have become part of our day to day life now, he said adding, “In this situation education sector is worst affected. We are unable to provide quality education to students as our school gets closed even at a small pretext. We cannot even operate buses due to fear of violence.”
“Student as well as teachers have to pay only 40 rupees per month to avail this software and have to install the app in their smart phones. After that they are able to communicate for their missed topic,” Var explained.
The association said that there was no effort by government or any other side to help school to operate smoothly despite everybody agreeing that education was a vital part of society.
Ali Sait, CEO of Tech Avant-Garde said, “As a part of the MASP PRO programme Tech Avant- Garde has taken the initiative of making their client schools excel in their schooling practices.”