BJP not ready to listen to reason on JK: Farooq

BJP not ready to listen to reason on JK: Farooq
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SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) president and Member of Parliament for Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah chaired party’s provincial committee meeting at Nawa-e-Subha headquarters here on Monday.
Blaming the incumbent state government as well as the government of India for the rapidly deteriorating situation in the state, Farooq in a statement said that deaths, communal polarisation, chaos and anarchy have engulfed all the three regions of the state.
“Under the present PDP-BJP government, people of the state are being pitted against one another along regional and religious lines. This is being done with a design to seek specific political dividends by the ruling regime. BJP government at the centre instead of helping us get out of this vortex of violence is watching as a mute spectator. They seem to have given up on the state and have so far failed in bringing in a workable, practical and sensible way-out,” he said. “When it comes to Kashmir the present leadership of BJP is so dogmatic in their approach that they are not ready to listen to reason.”
The meeting was attended by party’s working president Omar Abdullah, general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar, additional general secretary Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, and others.
NC president said the continuous spree of killings has led to a situation where our youth are being pushed into an area of confrontation and later become the unfortunate victims of this conflict. “Being the head of the state and of the unified command, Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti has failed completely to put a stop to civilian casualties. It is time for both PDP as well as BJP to do some introspection and listen to voices from the ground and do some course correction which I am afraid to say is too late,” he said.
Farooq reiterated the party’s resolve to ensure all the three regions of the state are united, to protect the state’s special status and to defeat forces inimical to peace, dignity and prosperity of the state.
Asking party leaders to empower youth and make them part of decision making process, Farooq Abdullah said, “We have to prioritise our outreach to the youth of the state and make all efforts to empower them in every possible way. Their outlook towards things is different but not divisive. We need to encourage that and provide them with all our assistance.”