JK govt revokes order that sought details of Pandits visiting Kheer Bhawani

JK govt revokes order that sought details of Pandits visiting Kheer Bhawani
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Srinagar: Facing severe criticism, the government of Jammu and Kashmir today revoked its controversial notice, which sought details of Kashmiri Pandits visiting Kheer Bhawani temple for an annual fair, and also ordered an inquiry into the matter.
“We have ordered an inquiry into how this notice was issued without the knowledge of any officer in the department including the minister,” Minister for Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Disaster Management, Javaid Mustafa Mir, told reporters.
The minister added that the officer who issued the notice had been relieved from the department. “We have asked the general administration department to attach the said officer”, he added.
Mir claimed he had no information about the notice till it was highlighted by the media.
“While I take full responsibility as the concerned minister, an officer had issued this notice on his own. He did not inform me or any other officer in the department and there is no need for such a notice”, Mir said.
Kashmiri Pandits are sons of the soil and they do not need any permission to visit the shrines here, he added.
“We cannot have them questioned or scrutinized. They can come anytime and need not register. They are our part and we cannot question them on their entry or exit. This is totally unacceptable and I regret it,” the minister said.
Admitting that the notice has sent a bad signal , the minister added that a probe would establish how it happened.
“I think it is a mistake on the part of the officer and I do not think there was any delibrate attempt,” Mir said. PTI