A Mother is God’s Most Beautiful Gift

A Mother is God’s Most Beautiful Gift
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By Shahid Khazir

A mother is an incredible gift of God and that she is the one who lovingly gives shape and direction to our lives, Yesterday, mother’s day was celebrated across the whole world with warmth; children prayed for their long life in different modules. No matter what you may be doing, no matter where you will be, it is quite important you plan something very beautiful, something that could bring the best out from your sweetheart mother.

But, when we witness the scenario of Kashmir where day after day mothers are offering funerals and giving gun salutes to their sons, which is sad and unfortunate.

The status of mother has been described by every religion especially by Islam, The Holy Book ,the tacit approvals of Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW) sunnah has uniquely described the importance of mother in the universe. Our glorious Prophet(SAW) urged his followers to be respectable towards parents and obey them. The Prophet(SAW) has said: if my mother would alive and if she call me during my salaah (Namaaz), I will discard my namaaz; and, at another place , the Prophet(SAW) has said that “Paradise lies beneath the feet of your Mother”. So, this clearly depicts the importance of mother in our lives.

Mother’s day is the time to honor and cherish the greatest bond between child and his(her) mother and the gift of the universe bestowed by the Almighty Allah. Mother’s day is something everyone can relate to .People across religions, castes, creeds, genders and financial status have emotions binding them to their mothers.

It is exceptionally true that the heroism of the sturdy woman who pushes her child from her womb and helps the humanity to keep flourishing. In that way, she is the biggest contributor of the human kind. It’s even hard to thank your biological mother for all that she does for you! Her love is so very much pure and serene that it’s quite a tough task to get something from the gifting catalogue that can be a return for all that she has done. Nevertheless, it would be an injustice, if we cannot pay heed to the victorious love of all those non-biological mothers. Be it a step mother, a mother-in-law or a foster mother, each of them are equally great!

Motherhood is incredible, be it biological or non-biological! No relationship can be as great as being a mother and having a mother.

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