Delhi fighting a ‘disproportionate war’ against Kashmiris: JRL

Delhi fighting a ‘disproportionate war’ against Kashmiris: JRL
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SRINAGAR: The joint resistance leadership (JRL) on Friday said the “disproportionate war” is being fought against the people of Kashmir by the ruling BJP regime at New Delhi to push them to the wall and break their resolve.
In a statement, JRL said the people of Kashmir have faced Delhi’s “ruthless” military might for the last three decades with steadfastness and commitment.
Responding to the statement of Indian Army chief that ‘Azadi was not possible as youth can’t fight army’ as an admission that military force would continue to be used by the state to “repress people and commit grave human rights violations” upon them.
The leadership said the Army chief must realise that banking of military might won’t fetch the desired result of conquering Kashmir which is a political and human issue of more than ten million people who are asking for genuine rights.
JRL condemned the government’s decision of once again caging the entire resistance leadership and imposing curbs in Downtown Srinagar, disallowingFriday payers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar and turning entire south Kashmir into a military fortress.
“While our youth are being brutally massacred, no voice is allowed to be raised against this planned genocide. Even funeral prayers in absentia are not allowed as leadership. The more repressive measures GoI and its local supporters in Kashmir would employ to force the resistance camp and the people of Kashmir into submission, the stronger would be the resolve to fight back for freedom from forcible rule,” the leadership said.
JRL said in almost all the masajids, shrines and imambaras across Kashmir, where there were no restrictions, a resolution framed by the JRL was adopted and unanimously passed.