‘Delhi can’t kill our passion’

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SRINAGAR: Muslim League chairman Mushtaq-ul-Islam on Friday said Indian authorities should understand that “they can kill us but they can never kill our sentiments and passion for freedom”.
Reacting to Army chief’s statement wherein he said that ‘Azadi isn’t possible’, Mushtaq-ul-Islam said this illustrates “frustration and acceptance of their failure”.
“Despite unleashing a reign of terror and their military might, they couldn’t break our resolve and people of Jammu and Kashmir have been committed and determined to follow and take the mission of martyrs to its logical end,” he said.
“They should learn lesson from the annals of history and erstwhile USSR that vanished in air. Russians too were proud of their military might and now stand nowhere. We are not afraid of India but we have trust in Almighty Allah and He only is supreme and savoir that makes the arrogant forces to surrender and indeed Allah is the best of helpers,” Muslim League chairman added.