Arrests lead to violence: NF

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SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir National Front has condemned the continuous arrest spree of youth across Kashmir.
A Front spokesperson in a statement said that men in uniform have created an atmosphere which is sure to lead to violence. He said the hostile atmosphere created by day in and day out arrests of youth has given rise to a suffocated situation which always leads to violence.
“When all hopes die and it seems that you are being choked anyway, the youth find it difficult to adjust themselves hence think to adopt violent means. The arrests and killings have already polluted the political atmosphere of Kashmir since years together and now is the time to take such measures which can build the confidence of the youth otherwise the ongoing dance of death and destructions seems nowhere to stop,” the spokesperson said.
“It is better for India and its local agents to listen (to) the changing mood of people especially the youth and accept the historical facts about Kashmir dispute and start a resolution process instead of using Khaki against every one,” he added.