British had same words for India: Hurriyat

British had same words for India: Hurriyat
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Srinagar: Reacting to the latest statement of the Army Chief on Kashmir, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC)Thursday said British would also say Azadi was not possible but they had to concede in the end.
“Have British who colonized integrated India and ruled for more than 100 years killing thousands of Indians and committing massacres like Jallianwala Bagh ever concede that Indians will get freedom? The British forces like the Indian forces of today had all the means and methods to keep India occupied. But yet they had to abdicate because the will and desire of people to be free to choose their destiny and be masters of their fate is far stronger than every military power”, the Hurriyat Conference said.
“Indian army chief needs to ask of his political bosses the basic question like, why does a regular army need to be stationed here in streets and in villages, on the roads, outside homes of people in such huge numbers? Why are people supporting and sacrificing their life for young boys who leave bright careers and pick up arms? Why are the educated boys who know the strength and number of the forces still choose to take this path? Why are his men being made the cannon fodder and paying the price with their lives in an issue which he too admits is not military,” the Hurriyat asked.
“The Indian armed chief acknowledges that killing one resistance youth with arms will make ten others pick it up why?”, the Hurriyat said.
“Kashmir conflict needs political resolution as it is a political and humanitarian problem. The military solution would make Kashmir issue more complex,” the Hurriyat further added.