Infinite Stupidity

Infinite Stupidity
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It might be the fatal flaw of mass democracy that it can throw up “leaders” who either are half witted or even moronic. Even though it is rather churlish to sully edit space with pejorative comments, but the reference here is clearly to Donald Trump, the man who not only is not intelligent but personifies America’s worst. The slow witted American president has done what was anticipated: he has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. The only player that is pleased with this ill conceived and rather rotten decision is Israel, which wants the United States to have a showdown with Iran. The implications of the withdrawal are stark and disturbing. The only option that Iran might be left with now is to actually cross the nuclear threshold and go nuclear. The added implications will not only be for the region that is already volatile, that is, the Middle East but also for the world, at large. The collateral damage will be the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty ( NPT), a regime that has some credibility despite being observed in the breach by powers that be. The lessons that the world will take are that nuclear weapons constitute the best guarantees for survival and security. This putative development might or might not be too sanguine. If major powers of the world, including in the Middle East, actually decide to build their nuclear capabilities, what will accrue is what has been termed as a “balance of terror”, which might improve global security and stability but might or might not lead to peace. Extant deterrence paradigms will be given short shrift and there will be new political and regional alignments and realignments. In the final analysis, states might also draw the conclusion that to have peace, they must be prepared for war. All this will increase the salience of the “security dilemma” wherein one states’ quest for security augments the insecurity of the other states thereby increasing insecurity for all. The foregoing is the summum bonum of Donald Trump’s stupidity. But, there could be what may be a desirable end goal of this infinite stupidity: if states augment their capacities and capabilities, a rough balance of power would accrue which could lead to peace. If this comes to pass, United States’ hegemony might also come to an end. Given the country’s flips, flops, omissions and commissions, all overlaid by disastrous misadventures, this might not be a bad outcome at all.

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