Slain Adil had quit CRPF for religious reasons

Slain Adil had quit CRPF for religious reasons
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Ashmuji (Kulgam): “Curtailment of his religious freedom” made Adil Ahmad Ganaie quit a lucrative job in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and dedicate himself to religion, so much so that he recently became one of the youngest members (Rukn) of the Jama’at-e-Islami.
A 27-year-old becoming a full-fledged member of the Jama’at is no mean feat, for it takes an extremely dedicated, disciplined and religiously motivated man to break into the ranks of the outfit.
Adil, the younger son of Bashir Ahmad Ganaie of Mahgund village in Ashmuji, here in Kulgam district, had everything it took to achieve the feat. Apart from that, he also had a master’s in sociology.
But all that is history now and would probably be forgotten after some time, for Adil is no more.
He was shot at and killed by government forces in one of the three firing incidents that took place around the site of the encounter on Sunday in Badigam village of Shopian district. Adil was hit by a bullet in the firing by government forces at nearby Nagbal village.
On Sunday morning, the Ganaie family was worried about how to arrange a rare blood group for Adil’s sister-in-law, who was about to deliver a baby.
“Adil called some friends and said he would go get the blood arranged. He left home never to come back,” his father, Bashir, a mason by profession, told Kashmir Reader.
He said he remained under the impression that Adil had gone out to fetch the blood.
“At about 1:30 PM we got a call from Kulgam district hospital, informing us about his killing,” Bashir said. He said he had no idea what led Adil to the site of the encounter, instead of getting the blood for his sister-in-law.
The family does not even know where exactly – of the three firing incidents – was Adil shot at and who took him to hospital.
The mourning family described Adil as a very religious man, who was compelled by family members to join the CRPF given the financial conditions at home.
“I forced him to join CRPF in 2010. He stayed for more than 10 months in training at Bhopal. But then he could take no more and returned home,” Adil’s elder brother, Mushtaq Ahmad, said.
He said that Adil was once punished and made to sit in the sun for six hours for reciting Azaan (the call for prayer) at a local mosque near his training camp in Bhopal.
“Besides not being allowed to offer namaz, the regular alcohol consumption by almost everyone at the camp, including people who cooked food for them, was too much to accept for him,” Mushtaq said.
After quitting the CRPF job, Adil started working as a teacher at a private school in Ashmuji.
“He taught at a few private schools and for the past several years was presently teaching at Phool Band School (PBS) at Ashmuji,” the family said.
Apart from his teaching duties, Adil administered more than 7 darsgahs where religious teachings were imparted to local kids. He also taught at most of these darsgahs.
“He never missed a prayer and followed religion in letter and spirit,” Mushtaq said. “I think that is why he was given membership of Jama’at at such a young age.”
Despite his religious bent of mind, the family said they were not able to come to terms with the fact that Adil went to the site of an encounter.
“And that, too, at a time when we were desperately looking for blood for my wife,” Mushtaq said.
Adil is no longer in the world to explain what led him to the place where he was killed.