Precarious and Elusive

Precarious and Elusive
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In an unfortunate incident, a tourist visiting Kashmir has lost his life. This sad incident has occurred after a spate of killings that occurred in Kashmir very recently and after the vale erupted yet again. While attribution of this incident is a mug’s game but it is, in all likelihood, to have an impact on tourist flows to and in Kashmir which had dwindled and whittled down to a trickle. This is not to underplay the death and accord primacy to the loss of tourism flows to Kashmir but to make a general observation. In terms of the death of the tourist in contention, a precious life has been lost in a context where death hovers over Kashmir on a quotidian basis. The reasons for the nature of this context emanates from what amounts to stating a cliché: the conflict and the attendant absence of a conflict resolution paradigm. In the final analysis, this fact (lack of a conflict resolution paradigm) might constitute not only a travesty but also a tragedy. It is a tragedy because Kashmir and Kashmiris plod along under the shadow of the conflict which shows no signs of abating. But, more poignantly, it is tragic because lives are lost as the spate of deaths over the weekend and that of the tourist from Tamil Nadu demonstrates with great alacrity. Life is a sacrosanct and must be accorded great care and esteem, being a gift from God but alas, in Kashmir, it continues to be precarious. It will, unfortunately continue to be so unless and until a conflict management technique (which appears to be the default reflex of powers that be) is vigorously replaced by a conflict resolution paradigm. This is not rocket science but eminently in the domain of the possible. One step forward, in this direction, would be for powers that be to climb down from their perches and not view the conflict merely in terms of a state centric paradigm but see it through the prism of a humanitarian, people oriented one. Once this is done , corollaries, important and significant, in their own right, will open up. But, key is taking that first step. Then, a robust conflict resolution paradigm which sates the interests and aspirations of all stakeholders should be instituted. The consequences and results of this would be both sanguine and salutary for all and peace will descend upon a place which needs it the most.

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