An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti

An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti
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Mourning has lost its relevance
Narrating an ordeal has lost its significance
Why don’t we die all at once?
Why don’t we cry for all and once?
The rage and outrage is caged in my brain
The blood and emotions are simultaneously pumping in my vein

Dear Madam:
Hope you are equally pained by the vicious cycle of death in our homeland. On one side, there is no one to stop these inhumane acts and on the other hand, this dance of death is relished and celebrated by powers that be, bloodthirsty TV anchors, masquerading and posing as journalists while sitting in cozy studios. They believe they are killing some haunting ghosts. But no, we are not ghosts; we are humans as they are.
One of the names which has consumed our minds lately is Dr. Muhammad Rafi who held a Doctorate in Sociology and was an Assistant Professor by profession doesn’t seem a ghost to anyone (hoping not to you too). He had a reputed position and was a nation builder. He was receiving enough money, a handsome salary for his secure future, and then what were the insecurities he was facing? What forced him to pick up arms? In my opinion, it was insecurity of life which is more important than status and money. He picked up arms to secure himself and his generation from this insecurity of life. He too had right to life. But Alas! It was snatched from him.
I would like to quote one of Dr. Rafi’s favourite quotes from his Facebook profile: “Taleem usko chahiye tark’e jihad ki, Duniya ko jis panja’ei khonain se ho khatara” (Educate him to relinquish jihad from whose bloody fist the world is in danger). I think that there was not even a minor reason to kill such a person. Then tell us why? Why are you waging war against the people who just want a stable life? Why are you killing people in the name of stabilization, which doesn’t seem to exist anywhere?
People are dying every now and then, and you are just a mute spectator, who never exercises her powers and restraint which are all yours. You are sworn to protect the people of Jammu and Kashmir; that is what casting of vote means. You were elected by people on your promise to bring an end to reign of terror by eradicating AFSPA from the valley, and on the contrary, you invited more of them to crush us.
How come the survival of an 8th class student of Shopian be a threat to law and order and security of the state? How come the crushing and trampling of a 17 year old by a government force vehicle at Safa Kadal bring peace to the valley?
First of all, we are all humans, we have right to live. Killing the people on tagging and labelling them as terrorists or OGW’s won’t help as their number is procreating. They and they are the mainstream. Not only this, tell me, what do you understand from the participation of people in the large funeral processions of militants? How many more of them would you kill?
What and or whom would you talk of development? Who would you rule, when there is just an uninhabited land and you are surrounded by none? Do you want peace of the graveyard? Now you might ask, why people are defying. It is the law of nature. People resist especially when their very existence comes under threat. The tiger even takes to cannibalism, when it comes to existence.
In opposition, you were the first to get FIR registered in the Asiya- Neelofer case and now, when you are in power, you have not spoken once, not to talk of providing justice. You used to visit militants’ families , mourned along with them and now you are the reason for peoples’ tears?
How can you be so quiet, so unconscious, seeing your own people recklessly hunted?
P.S: Now you might ask who am I? I am the one who lost his brother, his sister, his friend, his loving mother and his caring father. I am the wailing mother and sister. I am the one who can’t anymore visualise things, because of my impaired eyesight, thanks to the pellet guns. I am one who lost itself. I am Kashmir.

—The Authors are students of Departments of Mathematics, Legal Studies and Physics respectively at the Central University of Kashmir. They can be reached at the surrogate email:

One Response to "An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti"

  1. Ranjit   May 10, 2018 at 4:10 am

    As Indians, we deeply sympathize with your pain and loss. The question to ask is why are young people in Kashmir picking up guns or throwing stones instead of fighting politically for their rights? The main reason is that the Hurriyat will not fight elections, come to power and work out a political solution. Even if it did not want to take office, it could fight elections, any elections and prove majority support for a separatist agenda and then demand negotiations. Instead you have NC or PDP taking turns representing Kashmir and the political needle does not move. If Hurriyat is not the best political vehicle, why cant the educated Kashmiri youth create a new political party and fight elections to solve problems. Just picking up a gun and shooting at someone will never yield a solution.

    Even if you look at the Pakistan movement or the Bangladesh movement, Jinnah won the 1946 elections and Mujib won the 1970 elections to prove their electoral support before separation from India or Pakistan. Why do Kashmiris not unite and prove electorally that a majority supports separation? Then a dialogue can start, international powers can get involved and some solutions worked out. If there is fear of rigging, in today’s times, there is no rigging in Indian elections and you can have your observers in every booth. If the fear is of losing, then it means that people are not really supporting the separatist movement. In fact, even if there is a loss, a good showing will lead to negotiations. If the ask is to have plebiscite, that is an extreme move since the final solution will be some negotiated political arrangement. But nothing stops Kashmiris from stopping this unnecessary violence and taking advantage of Indian elections to prove their point. Muslims are in a majority in Kashmir, you own the land, you have the rights to fight elections, so why pick up a gun and needlessly commit suicide? Security forces have a job to do to prevent violence and are just doing their job