The Unheard Pangs of Syrian Children

The Unheard Pangs of Syrian Children
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The present day condition of children around most parts of the world is alarming. Children are facing an ‘unmitigated disaster’. He or she, who should have been the most pampered and adored creature on our planet is being made to bear the pangs of horror and death. Alas! A child is the most victimized human in the world. While examining the turmoil and mayhem going on in every nook and corner of the world, one gets a ghastly image of the brutality, children are made to face by the wolves who unfortunately happen to be in the form of humans. From Syria to Palestine, Kashmir to Afghanistan, India to Pakistan, Europe to America, Rohingya to Haiti, Nigeria to Bosnia, everywhere across almost all the continents of the world, a Damascene sword seems to revolve round the necks of innocent children.
Who is unaware of the Syrian cataclysm and the use of deadly chemical gases which has resulted in the painful deaths of thousands of children, apart from the deaths of men, women and destruction of property by the Assad regime with the aid of several other nations. As per the recent report of Syrian opposition activist group ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ , the number of children killed in the conflict had risen to 19811 by mid March 2018.UNICEF estimates that 8.4 million children are affected by the conflict either in Syria or as refugees. Moreover, 6 million Syrian children are in need of humanitarian aid, and more than 2 million do not have access to it as they live in areas difficult to reach or are under siege.
One can well imagine the ‘magnitude of children barbarism’ by the fact that the UNICEF issued a blank statement featuring 10 empty lines with quote marks indicating missing text followed with an explanatory footnote ; “ UNICEF is issuing this blank statement. We no longer have the words to describe children suffering and our outrage.” Could there be anything more heinous than what Syrian children are being subjected to?
Syria, a target-Zone for Assad owned czars, Houthi rebels, Russia, who are being propped up by their respective ‘partners in crime’ nations have turned the blessed country into a War House. Whosoever will be the combater, the common thing we are used to see is the massacre of Syrian people- especially the children! One such horror story is of Omran Daqneesh, the little boy from Aleppo who is a pictorial reminder of the ‘Syrian Gehenna’. He had blood all over his body covered with dust, muted by deadly-shock, he received that day. His rueful and pitiable pictures thronged the internet and thus became a representative image of the haunting fate of conflict-hit children. Who can forget the wrenching drowned body of two year old Aylan Kurdi lying on the beach. Trying to flee from the barrage of bombs, that unfortunate baby met a disastrous death .The spooking incident, in particular, concussed the whole world and soon became the symbol of the migrant crisis.
Another cry of Syrian agony is the harrowing face of a malnutrition-affected baby weighing not more than four pounds, wailing in pain that was brought to a Hamoria clinic near the city of Damascus. The truth is that, everyday, the story of Omran, Aylan and others is being repeated. In fact, there are countless number of children who are either being made to suffocate or reduced to debris; the reasons pertain to the deadly missile strikes or use of chemical weapons. Children, the worst sufferers in the conflict are devoid of food, water and shelter. World food program’s recent report suggested that 6.5 million people are food insecure and 4 million people are at a risk of becoming food insecure. Children as well as their parents, who are besieged in the eastern Ghouta have been rendered foodless. They are being forced to eat trash.
The whole Syrian sage exposes the ‘Hollow slogans of human welfare’. The question is, when will the tragic fate of Syrian children end? Who will alienate the regime of Lucifer Assad? Who will make all these war -mongers and Pharaohs in black suits answerable and accountable?
Maybe the answer is apparent or not-at-all apparent; time will decide everything. Syria, termed as a blessed land by the Holy prophet (PBUH) is deemed to see the ‘good news’ in the future. For now, a deep echo strikes our ears, striking the chords of our hearts lamenting few lines,
Ah! These abysmal pangs and cries of fragile flower like kids of Syria ,caught up in the throes of death and agony pierces every living heart. There is a deep cry somewhere from the mountains,
Blessed Land! You have turned red! Mothers wail with dry tears! Little angel is without her smiling brother! Her innocent eyes are staring at her father’s coffin! Her numb lips tell a woeful story! Flood of Tears gush down her haggard cheeks! Her cries describe her heartache!
Their homes are nowhere in the sight except debris!
Cries, blood, bombs, terror! Life is death!
Is it Syria or a Slaughter house?

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