Slain man’s ‘confessional’ video surfaces on social media

Slain man’s ‘confessional’ video surfaces on social media
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Bandipora: Video clips of a man, killed by unknown gunmen in Hajin on the weekend, has surfaced on social media, in which the man, with a bruise on his head, apparently frightened, is ‘admitting’ to being an informer for government forces.
The video is apparently shot by the assailants, who had abducted him and killed him later.
The man identifies himself as Bashir Ahmad Dar and says that he has informed on stone pelters in Shahgund area of Hajin in Bandipora district.
Bashir and his uncle were shot dead in the wee hours on Saturday, after they were dragged out of their home, one after another, in Shahgund village.
In another clip, Bashir is seen talking about a cordon in the village on May 1 in which three militants escaped.
Quivering his body back and forth, with a deep bruise and blood oozing out from it, he continues, “… The (forces) cordon in Gulshan Mohalla was due to information provided by us three … and we took money from the forces.”
In other clip, he again introduces himself and says, “Those who inform upon militants stop doing so, whosoever will taste this poison, he will die”.
Confirming the authenticity of the video clips, senior superintendent of police Bandipora said that the youth in the video was killed by militants on Saturday along with his uncle Ghulam Hassan Rassa, 45.
“These are forced and very unfortunate confessions made at gunpoint by militants just to justify their killings in the area,” SSP said. “How could they just kill someone who informs on stone-pelters.”
The Saturday killings took the toll of civilian killing in 2018 by unknown gunmen in Hajin belt to six, which includes an off duty soldier. Four civilians were killed in April and May only.
Fresh killings also carry along an open threat from militants to eliminate “all the informers around Hajin”.