LeT pays tributes to slain militants

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SRINAGAR: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah has paid tribute to five slain militants in Shopian and said “such sacrifices proclaim that Kashmiri nation will never surrender”.
Lashkar spokesperson in a statement issued here quoted Mehmood Shah as saying that “each sacrifice brings glad tiding to the freedom struggle”.
“We advise those, who are unable to see the positive outcome of such sacrifices and want to silence the freedom fighters, that there are more youth ready to pick-up arms of martyred freedom fighters even before their martyrdom, and their participation in funeral processions in masses is a tribute that has given enough nightmares to India but alas some of our own people don’t seem to understand it,” Shah said.
“We request those own (people) to identify our mistakes so that we can rectify it to the best of our efforts. We will be grateful for such opportunity. Your role as a pro-freedom is as necessary to the freedom struggle as the prayers and well-wishes,” LeT chief added.
Mehmood Shah thanked people for their “utter support and solidarity”. “The time has changed and India is facing fierce resistance not just from the freedom fighters, but from the mothers, daughters, and sons, on the streets of Kashmir,” he said.
Lashkar chief expressed deep concern that “some dishonest and treacherous people have sabotaged their world and hereafter by providing aid and information to occupational Indian forces”.
“We will take revenge of these immense sacrifices,” Let chief warned.