KEA, KTMF demand end to bloodshed

KEA, KTMF demand end to bloodshed
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Srinagar: The Kashmir Economic Alliance chairperson Muhammad Yasin Khan Sunday said that killings at the hands of government forces have become a new normal in Kashmir.
“It’s unfortunate that in the last three days eighteen humans have lost their lives in the Valley. Somewhere a youth is crushed under police vehicle and somewhere five civilians are killed,” Khan said , who also heads KTMF.
He said that the bloodbath needs end and that New Delhi needs to reconsider its “trigger friendly” policy towards Kashmir.
Supporting the strike call given by JRL, Khan said New Delhi should shun its “barbaric policies” towards Kashmir and that the state government was equally responsible for the worsening situation.
“Some IPS officials say killing Kashmiri militants is collective failure and then there are police officials who celebrate such killings, while a former DGP recently said Kashmir is headed towards worst in 2018. On which side is the state government,” Khan asked.