Kashmir issue has to be resolved: Omar

Kashmir issue has to be resolved: Omar
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‘Educated youth becoming militants calls for introspection’

SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) working president Omar Abdullah on Sunday said the Kashmir issue had to be resolved through sustained dialogue and engagement and termed the unabated civilian killings as unacceptable.
According to a statement, Omar while addressing a public meeting at Drasson Sunday, expressed grief over the unabated civilian killings and educated, employed young men becoming militants, called for serious introspection at the central and state level. He said this yet again highlighted the need for a permanent, sustainable and acceptable resolution of the political issue.
“When educated, gainfully employed young men choose the path of militancy – it should serve as a wakeup call for those who have turned a deaf ear towards repeated pleas for initiation of dialogue with all stakeholders to find a solution to this quagmire,” Omar said. “Turning a blind eye towards the alarming situation won’t change reality. The growing levels of alienation and isolation are alarming signs and need to be acknowledged and addressed politically. This is not an economic issue and cannot be resolved through economic packages.”
The NC working president said the current PDP-BJP government had neglected Drass and its people and brought developmental works initiated by the previous government to a complete standstill. “The power projects initiated for this region have been shelved for reasons best known to the current government. Developmental works planned and initiated by the previous government for Drass and Kargil have been stalled creating a huge infrastructure deficit in these regions,” he said.
“National Conference has always had a vision of equal and balanced development for all regions of the state and we will continue to remain dedicated towards people of all regions of the state, especially those areas that have been neglected and sidelined,” he added.
“The state is reeling under a failure of politics and imagination and the ruling dispensation seems more interested in remaining glued to power for as long as they could. The ramifications of their politics are there for everyone to see. This alliance has distanced the people of the state and divided them on regional and religious lines to seek political dividends from such divisive politics. The state needs to be pulled out of this morass through consensus, peace and a vision-oriented politics that brings the people of the state closer together rather than dividing them.”