Come to rescue of Kashmiris: Bar urges world community

Come to rescue of Kashmiris: Bar urges world community
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SRINAGAR: J&K High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) Srinagar has expresses utmost grief over the killing of sixteen Kashmiris – eight militants and eight civilians – in the last two days in downtown Srinagar and south Kashmir and injuring of more than sixty others by bullets and pellets.
Bar in a statement said the “Indian ruthless forces are engaged in a systemic genocide of the people of Kashmir for the last seventy years under a well-devised plan and”.
It appealed to the international community to “come to the rescue of Kashmiris who are being massacred everyday only because they want the implementation of (United) Security Council Resolutions guaranteeing them the right of self-determination”.
Bar in a statement asked the world community as to “why they are silent when Indian State has broken all records of human rights violation in Kashmir by killing, blinding and maiming the innocent people by use of bullets and pellets, which in this century is beyond one’s comprehension and belief”.
“The Bar Association wants to make it clear that since the people of Kashmir are determined to force Indian State to concede to their right of self-determination and the arrogant Indian State is however in no mood as on today, to grant them the said right, therefore, the bloodshed in Kashmir and the killing of innocent people is bound to continue and if the international community shows no concern towards such brutality, it will nullify the very existence of United Nations and other human rights organisations of the world,” the statement said.
It is therefore imperative for the international community to understand the gravity of the situation before it goes out of hand thereby jeopardising the world peace, Bar said.